Tuesday, November 16, 2021

I Wrote My First Book in a Day!

To be honest, I not only wrote my first book in a day, I wrote and published my first book in a day.

The day was October 5, 2011. I was working on a novel I never published, learning the craft of writing. Before I went to a party at Lorenzo's house that night, the news flashed up on my screen: Steve Jobs Dead.

Armed with my knowledge of Lulu's self-publishing platform, I decided I would publish the first posthumous book about Steven Jobs. I'm pretty sure I did. Quotes from Steve Jobs was available for sale on Lulu before I left for the party.

Ten years later, I'm not exactly sure why I published the book. Maybe I thought it would be cool to write and publish a book in a day, but probably I thought I'd earn some kind of first-to-market advantage in the avalanche of books about the Apple founder

The search engines goddesses didn't notice. There was no first-to-market advantage. No sales. What I did learn is that selling a book takes more than making it available online.

Until last week when a friend found it on Lulu, I forgot I'd published the thing. No regrets and still kinda proud of getting Quotes from Steve Jobs out in a day. I've learned the payoff of writing comes with patience and perseverance.