Copy Edit, Cover Art

With notes from editor David Groff, I finished drafting Delux on July 30, 2014.

Now it's all business. I'm learning why publishers earn their keep. First up: copy editing and cover art. I've also scratched out a draft marketing plan.

At this point, I'd put odds at 80% for self-publishing. Friends who are published authors say publishers need to sell 100,000 units of a title to make it worthwhile. First time fiction authors are lucky to sell 1,000 to 10,000 copies.

The trade-off for me is simple. With a publisher, an author gets $1-$2 per copy and small pre-paid royalties. A self-published author pays more up-front expenses, but clears $1-$10 per copy (depending on medium and price). Either way, a first time author takes on most of the marketing effort.

The reason I'm putting my self-publishing chances at 80% is that I don't think the unit sales will be significantly less if I self-publish. In fact, they could be higher since I have more incentive to sell more copies. Who knows, though? Maybe the agent and publisher of my dreams will appear.

More updates on Delux soon. Oh, and I've started my second novel, Trans Librarian Saves Planet.